Posted by: Nathaniel | June 18, 2008

From ReadWriteWeb: “Software Company Ditches AdWords for…Kiva?”

In a stunningly intriguing idea, Portland, Oregon based Jama Software is ditching Google’s AdWords program, feeling that their return on investment simply wasn’t high enough. Instead, they’re donating the money they would have spent to, the direct peer2peer micro-lending nonprofit that allows individual users to fund global enterprises.

They believe that the buzz they generate through press, such as this article at ReadWriteWeb as well as word of mouth traffic will drive more traffic to their site than they would get with Google’s advertising. What’s more, with a loan repayment rate of 97.7%, they can contribute to social good, gain valuable traffic, and recoup almost their entire advertising budget.

In the long-run they think they’ll return to a blended value model, but for now this seems pretty awesome to me.

Money quote:

“In the pursuit of growing our own business, we decided we’d much rather help a small store owner in Uganda feed her village than support the Google billionaires’ hobby of flying to space,” said Eric Winquist, CEO and founder of Jama Software in an emailed press release.



  1. Thats very interesting and should I saw very brave. I however really wonder how wise would it turn out to be. I have no issue regarding firms donating a bit of their revenues to good causes but to believe that such donations will be a good replacement for something like Ad Words does not seem really promising to me.

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