Posted by: Nathaniel | June 24, 2008

Barcamp Nairobi and the next hubs of innovation

Last weekend, the folks from AfriGadget, Ushahidi, and a bunch of others helped organize “Barcamp Nairobi” a (non) conference meet-up that brought together programmers, social activists, mobile phone enthusiasts and technologists to get to know one another and share ideas.

The topics ranged from ICT and rural energy (as presented by to women bloggers to creative local funding methods for Kenyan web start-ups.

The thing that’s awesome about this is the potential for these networks to ‘hack’ developed world technology and design applications that speak directly to the needs of Kenyans and other members of the developing world. The power of the internet is that it enables rapid communication and co-creation infrastructure for groups like this anywhere.

A great example is Ushahidi, a great site that’s getting a lot of buzz coming off its big win at the NetSquared Mashup Challenge in San Jose, CA last month. Ushahidi maps and tracks post election violence, but notably, any individual with a cell phone can SMS information. This dramatically increases the number of people who can contribute to the information which allows emergency responders to respond and improve the collective memory. A hacked version is already being use to track different types of violence in South Africa.

Check out for live blogging and more wrap-up from the event and enjoy the video blog below:



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