Posted by: Nathaniel | June 27, 2008

Some cool student-led organizations you might not have heard of (yet)

Victor, GlobeMed

One of the most dramatic changes on college campuses in the last ten years or so has been the increase in both traditional and non-traditional study abroad programs. More and more students are trying to learn about the world by going out and being a part of it than ever before. The most exciting news is that increasingly, those students are attempting to create positive social impact while abroad.

The main sources of innovation in this type of programming are, maybe unsurprisingly, coming from students rather than faculty members. Having spent the last few years building these types of programs at Northwestern University, I’m particularly keen on getting universities to support these student-led endeavors rather than tossing money into creating their own “product” so to speak. Here are some of the most interesting student-created, student-led organizations dedicated to relieving global poverty and improving global health:


“GlobeMed’s mission is to connect the assets of a student-led network to grassroots health organizations working in communities around the world. By inspiring and training university students to mobilize resources for global health, we seek to build a movement fighting for a more sustainable and secure world.”

Nourish International

“Our mission is to eradicate poverty by engaging students and empowering communities.”

Manna Project International

Mission: To foster communities of young adults and encourage them to use their passions and education in service to communities in need”

Student Movement for Real Change

“To be a leadership development organization that provides students in the United States a vehicle to advocate for positive change in neglected regions of the world. We empower students to become leaders, giving them opportunities to improve health and education in developing communities worldwide.”

Students of the World

“Students Of the World enables college students to transform their perceptions of the world through international immersion experiences, where they document global issues and return home to share and inspire others toward global understanding and activism.”

Students Helping Honduras

“SHH seeks to mobilize and connect students throughout the United States and cultivate the spirit of volunteerism and global responsibility. Several times throughout the year, students make trips to Honduras to work on service projects. In the United States, they develop project ideas, fundraise, and spread awareness of the conditions in Honduras.”

Learning Enterprises

“The mission of Learning Enterprises is to expand people’s horizons through conversation-based English language classes taught by American and international volunteers.”

Now, there’s a lot to discuss and debate about if and how these groups are or can be effective. That’s sort of the conversation that led me to start the Center for Global Engagement as a training space for these types of groups, but its also for another post.


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