Posted by: Charlie | August 7, 2009

Do Good Digest: Emotional Shoes, Charitable Deodorant, and Stalling Senators


Maine: Where good ideas happen, spread, and sometimes stall

Robert Fabricant: A Playlist For Our Feet

Brilliant ideas bubble at Pop!Tech’s yearly conference in Camden, Maine. This video of Frog Design’s Robert Fabrican’s great idea makes me want to get outside. He rightly observes that we live in a global world in which we interact digitally with media that swarms around us. But what if we instead moved around the media? Farbrican imagines a new digital shoe which would recreate the emotional feeling of walking on a sandy beach or wading through a river. Imagine sharing feet memory sticks to relive the feeling of a first kiss. A hilarious digital plea to get us out from behind our desks.

Tom’s of Maine: 50 States of Change

There is little flashy about Tom’s of Maine. They deliver a consistant GOOD product (all natural) with GOOD motives (donating 10% of profits to charity). However, their newest marketing campaign is gaining big buzz. Tom’s of Maine is donating $100,000 to five charities from the 50 states. However, rather than only creating visability for just one charity chosen by the company, this campaign is being decided by the consumers. Fans of Tom’s are posting thousands of applications  generating  visability for this fantastic company and the local charities competing for the donation. Check out this great interview for more.

Maine’s Senators Stay Quiet on Marriage Ballot Initiative

Olympia Snow and Susan Collins have been featured predominantly in the press as of late. Representing a predominantly Democratic state, these moderate republicans have made important swing votes in the senate. However both are stalling take a stance on marriage equality in Maine. Collins claims its not her place to take a stance on state issues. Read more from blogger Michael A. Jones


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