Posted by: Charlie | August 20, 2009

Do Good Digest: The Creative Imperative

Providence's Waterfire

Providence's Waterfire (Source: hottbucks on flickr)

Providence: The Creative Capital: Providence Rhode Island has recently rebranded itself as the Creative Capital. This post on Social Entrepreneurship in the country’s smallest state advocates the “small is beautiful” theory. The post highlights a few of the blossoming projects in this innovation mecca.

Art And Copy: “I think creativity can solve anything” – Art And Copy is a groundbreaking documentary on the power of creativity in the advertising industry. This trailer features leaders in the field engaging in provoking dialogue on creativity, manipulation, and possibility.

Burn On the Bayou: Burn on the Bayou is an unlikely film about an unlikely collaboration. Attendees of the illustrious Burning Man festival gathered their creative pursuits to rebuild New Orleans. A great story about releasing the potential of one affinity group to help another while enacting change and inspiring thousands.

“Snatching Digital Rights” or Protecting Our Culture?: Gearing up for the Burning Man Festival in Black Rock City Nevada, this post argues that restricted creative liscensing facilitates greater creativity rather than inhibiting it.



  1. Sounds great. Check for innovative business structure.

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