Posted by: Charlie | October 19, 2009

Do Good Digest: Three Ways to Take Words into Action

via Flikr

via Flikr

John Gerzema TEDx: Empowering consumers

The recession has changed consumer behavior. While personal savings may have fallen in the past 20 years, consumer voices have risen. New methods of organizing both online and offline may give consumers power to dictate the next steps in our economy.

Good: A Design For the Rest of Us.

Good design is not only a must for conveying a message, it is also a force to transform the world. This interview with Warren Berger the author of Glimmer gives insight on how use design problem solving for issues outside of design.

Planet Green: Green Materials Guide

Employ that design thinking and start building with green materials. This guide to green materials is must see for those about to undertake their next building project.


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