Posted by: Charlie | December 15, 2009

Do Good Digest: Maybe Money does Grow on Trees

Pitfalls of Non-Profit Marketing:  In his latest HuffPo blog post,George Weiner, CTO of explains the greatest misunderstanding in online fundraising: strangers don’t want to give you money, nor do they want to marry you. Rather, they might like a story or useful and interesting content to get them hooked. is one of the most successful fundraisers out there, take their word.

Google Saves Trees: Google announced another life-changing technology, and no its not the Nexus One. They announced just a few days ago at the Copenhagen conference a new forest mapping technology that will track deforestation using Google’s geo technology and cloud computational power. This technology will speed up research and give us immediate data on deforestations contributions to climate change.

Help me Reforest the Amazon: My tea company, Runa, is half way to our goal of reforesting one hectare of the Amazon. We are planting highly caffeinated Guayusa tea in agroforests. Indigenous farmers harvesting guayusa can increase their incomes by 200% in a season.  Giving the gift of tea gives back a little more.



  1. I’ve been drooling over this phone since pictures were leaked, and I think it just might have to be the one. I was getting impatient and thinking of getting the HTC Hero as a replacement, but if this is going to have 3G on T-Mobile, i’ll just wait another month!

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