Charles Harding [caharding -at- gmail -dot- com] has a degree in international development from Brown University. He is a founding member of Runa, a social enterprise that sustainably produces Amazonian beverages and develops agrofrestry plots in with indigenous groups in Ecuador. Charles is passionate about social enterprize, global citizenship, education, music and contemplative practices.

Nathaniel Whittemore founded Do Good Well and primarily blogs at Change.org. He previously founded and directed the Center for Global Engagement at Northwestern University.



  1. Sweet, Nathaniel!

  2. Awesome blog!

  3. Aloha, I would like to add to your findings a relatively new organization called Humanity Unites Brilliance (HUB). I am more and more impressed with them as time goes on and I see that they are absolutely “walking their talk” in the areas of global and social impact, both here in the US and in Africa, especially with aids orphans in Kenya and damaged ex-child soldiers in Liberia…. I invite you to take a look at the website http://www.island.hubhub.org and check out the informative videos in the “learn more” section (top right, next to “log in”). I think you’ll be impressed with the impact as well. Aloha, Robin Garland, Big Island of Hawaii

  4. Love the blog Nathaniel.
    Whole Travel Blog is up and running at wholetravel.wordpress.com. Thanks for all your help.

    Check it out!

  5. Saw your recent post about social entrepreneurship and branding. Thought you might find it helpful to see my post on how we’re differentiating social enterprise from social entrepreneurship http://www.sea-alliance.blogspot.com/.

  6. I would love to get on a listserve for your blog either here or on FB… please send me updates.

    • Adam – DGW took an extended holiday this year but we are back and posting. You can follow on the RSS feed dogoodwell.wordpress.com/feed/ and I’ll be sure to get a FB up ASAP

  7. I am a volunteer with http://www.UnitedProsperity.org, a microfinance loan guarantee website. UnitedProsperity.org’s mission is to end extreme poverty in the world by allowing individuals to provide a compassionate and impactful microloan guarantee which enables a bigger loan to poor families to help them grow their small businesses, better their lives and enables them and their communities to come out of poverty with dignity.

    On our website, individuals browse the profiles of entrepreneurs that have been screened by our partner microfinance institution, and choose whom they would like to support. When generous individuals contribute towards an entrepreneur’s loan guarantee, the bank makes a loan nearly twice as large. Once the entrepreneur receives the loan, they can see the impact on the poor entrepreneur’s family’s lives on our website. Once the loan is repaid, the individual guarantors will be repaid in full.

    I hope you will write about us and help our voice to be heard.

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